Hi, I'm Caroline, a Sydney based Dietitian with locations in Marrickville, Kensington and Concord. 

I'm a qualified dietitian, nutritionist, eating psychology coach, RTT therapist and cookbook author and I want to bring back the enjoyment of eating.

The field of nutrition is overwhelming and more confusing than ever.

In fact, we have a nutrition information overload!

Fad diets are everywhere you turn, new "superfoods" to fix every health concern and self-proclaimed 'health gurus' preaching advice at you that isn't accurate and can be downright dangerous to your health and self-esteem.

My objective is to clear the hazy cloud of confusion and frustration and help guide you to reach your health and wellness goal(s) in an enjoyable, easy to manage, sustainable manner.

All information provided is evidence-based, not the latest fad or gimmick and my practical tools will help you to not only accomplish but also maintain your new healthier habits.

My focus is to help you achieve permanent results.


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 "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" 

- Hippocrates


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