How to be a healthy vegan

How to be a healthy vegan

Want to be a completely plant-based eater but not sure how to get all the nutrients your precious body needs? Then you need this book. It is your ultimate reference guide.

In it you will find information on

  • Macronutrients – highlighting omega 3 fats
  • Micronutrients – highlighting calcium, iron and zinc
  • Meal ideas
  • Menu plans with nutritional analysis for calcium, iron and zinc
  • Menu planning
  • Setting up a vegan kitchen
  • Veganising recipes
  • 6 recipes for vegan basics included – nut milk, vegan ‘cheese’, two versions of sour ‘cream’, cashew ‘cream’, omega-3 rich salad dressing
  • And more

All for just 10 bucks!

This ebook will be delivered to you as an instant DIGITAL DOWNLOAD via a link in an email. You will receive the email as soon as your payment has been approved. It is yours forever.

It is a pdf file